Back to the good old days, the known technologies are just those very simple things like scrubbing the floor, sharpening a wooden pencil, or even just using the knife to cut vegetables, fruits, and meats. Through the passage of time, these simple technologies evolved into an even better and complex system that involves the utilization of energy and electricity. Cars, motorcycles, trains, mobile phones, telephones, computers, laptops, microwaves, radio, electric fans, and much more above others are just a few of the examples of a complex technology.

But the evolution and advancements did not stop there. The more discoveries in the multifaceted phases of technology brought up thousands of innovations in complex technologies which made it more intricate and multifarious. This led to the existence and birth of Smart Technology.

Smart Technology is the integration of internet connection abilities and multiple device control software and programs to a certain technology. With these, the complex technology becomes more difficult and byzantine. Phones are now able to connect to the internet using wireless fidelity connection or through the use of mobile data.

Home appliances also utilize the convoluted technology to be connected using smartphones. The users are now able to use their home appliances and control it using their mobile devices or laptops. An example of this is smart air conditioners.  With a phone in hand, you can now turn on and off your air conditioning unit while lying down in bed. Furthermore, many smart air conditioners are voice or motion activated. It contains motion or voice sensors that send signals to the control unit upon recognizing a particular voice or an inputted hand gesture or motion.

Smart Technology ventured also in the fields of vehicles. As observed, cars and motorcycles involved too many parts that integrating a smart technology would require dense studies for its incorporation.  But brilliant professional mechanics and technicians successfully implemented smart technology to certain cars. Voice activation and key detection can now be used in opening cars. There are also certain cars which have an artificial intelligence integrated into the system that users can talk to and give commands. Furthermore, this artificial intelligence is also programmed to automatically control the car for autopilots.

Smart technology is the new buzz and many of the people are now embracing its presence. Companies as well are adjusting their products and applying the word “smart” to it for audience attraction.